Artist House is an open area where artist can freely enjoy and experience the unique culture.
This aims at allowing artists in domestic and overseas to share their ideas and experience the korean culture.
Han Kyoung Hye, the owner of this house, is an artist who awarded the highest honor for her excellent talents twice in the Grand Art Exhibition of Korea.
As a prospective artist, she wants this area to be shared with other people who have great concerns in korean culture.
This house was originally her own workroom. Many people who have visited to this house request this to be opened to everyone.
Feel free to visit here and share your artistic views with other people.

Many beneficial programs which will be provided in here enable visitors to be met their needs for korean culture.
Several programs will be included for professional artists as well as amateurs.
Moreover, traveling to Junam reservoir and Woopo swamp near here will make your visit more attractive things for ever.

copyright(c) Artist House, All Right Reserved 2002.  
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